Perhaps, I am going about this all wrong ? Is it just me, or would you not expect in this day and age to be able to walk into a local store and pick up a frame ?  My thinking is to find out how easy or difficult it is to buy an A3 poster print frame. My plan for this purchase is to search online to check out frames and then go and buy it at my local store.

My poster print retails at about £6.00, so I do not feel the need to go to any large expense for the frame. I want a simple, light-weight, inexpensive but not tacky, frame.

Starting my search online with the red, white and blue “Every little helps” store, (There is always one near by) I was rather frustrated as my search for “A3 picture frames” revealed plenty of digital photo frames, a laminator and a Peppa Pig learning frame, then more pages listing tv’s. To be honest, when I thought about it, I couldn’t be bothered to search through the irrelevant list of 10 or more pages !

What else is local to me, ah yes “Find it, Get it, Argos it”. My search results found two sizes of clip frame, neither were the size I needed. In the end, it really didn’t matter as I frequently find that the searches I pull on this site return out of stock items, not available for home delivery items or items that are at a store out with my reckoning of reasonable driving time !

I began to wonder where my online search would lead and that if these large local stores don’t have what I am looking for then I should just be patient, order online and wait for delivery, (ponder, ponder, pondering) Perhaps I could try an Office Supply store – now that’s got to be a sure winner for my picture frame !

Yipee ! Result ! My search returned three frames and all in stock ! A Clip Frame, Alloy black frame and a Silver/Champagne frame. Fantastic – only drawback – I need to travel for about an hour to collect it or wait and have it delivered.  (Frustrated Sigh) I really just wanted to nip to the local store to buy one. (Note to self – perhaps searching for a frame should not be done on a whim!) Ikea also springs to mind, but again this is not local to me, I would need to travel.

Then I remember. There is a gallery in the main street, and a shop a few doors along from the gallery which is now supplying a framing service – brilliant !, I wonder if they would be able to help me ? To be continued . . .