I cannot say that I relish this time of year as with kids returning to school, it brings back much of a routine that I can sometimes do without. The dinner rush, the finding of kit for after school classes, the homework,  – which can be completed without much of an incident depending on how interesting the homework is to the student or with great determination to make a simple process last all evening and patience lost.

Back to School brings the transition to a new routine. It’s the same feeling when the School is out for Summer as when it returns in the Fall. And by now, the initial excitement for the returning students has waned. The elation of showing off new school bags and pencil cases to friends and catching up with pals does not hold the same attraction, as realisation dawns and minds turn to learning, concentration and hard work !

So, with this much school and education on my mind, then no wonder today I have selected three “school” associated works of art to showcase.

My first choice is by artist Rob Hain called Welcome to St. Andrews – University Town and Home of Golf. A poster print which I love. The style and cartoon nature of this St. Andrews view, always brings a smile to my face. There is also a fantastic shop in the town – for kids and adult’s alike, called Bonkers, which I remember fondly from my childhood visits.

My next educational themed choice is University Colours by artist Peter Foyle. This Limited Edition Art Print features the University of Glasgow in a golden glow of Autumn.

My third choice is Glasgow School of Art by artist Jennifer Thomson. Term Time Open Edition Giclee Art Print is another colourful and quirky view of one of Glasgow’s most famous landmarks and educational establishments.

Drat, I am sure I hear the bell ringing my recess is over. Better get back to work !