Moy Mackay lives and works in the Scottish Borders, her work is inspired by the her Scottish surrounding in the Tweed Valley, and this can be seen in her use of traditional felting techniques to create her art. The woolen Merino tops Moy uses, are her paint and pallet.

” This organic medium gives her work extraordinary warmth and texture, and calls for a fine balance between spontaneity and control. The finished work always carries an element of surprise – something Moy particularly enjoys. Moy’s passion is for colour and her work asserts this with luminous vitality. By using merino in such a painterly way, she has created a very personal and innovative approach to visual expression.”*

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Moy exhibits widely throughout venues in Scotland, London and the US. She works from WASPS Artists’ Studios in Selkirk, in the Scottish Borders.

*Extract from Moy Mackay website

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