I know Christmas is just around the corner, and we are posting about the New Year, but sometimes we get so excited here at Bay Attic, that it’s just great to share !

Traditionally in Scotland when it’s the New Year, you visit family and friends not only for a party but also, after the bells strike midnight, you would visit another household to “first foot” them. Being the first person to enter their house for the New Year, a gift would be given or if you were really lucky your visitor may suit the requirement of being tall, dark and handsome and bestow a New Year kiss – but if this wasn’t the case – the gift would usually be a piece of coal or bun or whisky.

Today, these gifts may not be to everyone’s tastes, so at Bay Attic we have some delightful Scottish themed illustrated mugs, ideal as a “first foot” gift – and perhaps even better if a wee dram is in it when gifted !

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