The Art of Chocolate

"How much did you spend on Chocolate ?" He asked.

If you love chocolate, when does it become an obsession ? If you only buy it at Christmastime – does that still count as an obsession ?

Recently, I spent a fortune (according to family) on chocolate, alcoholic infused nibbles and chocolate filled crackers.

Innocently, I thought nothing of spending an amount of money on these items, as they are not everyday nibbles, but a one-off indulgence. Unfortunately, family members thought I had reached a chocolate crisis in my life.

I have to admit, I am rather partial to a good beverage and a square of chocolate as an accompaniment. So, why not share a magical and smooth velvet moment with others ?

What constitutes a good chocolate ?

No doubt there will be chocolatiers and connoisseurs who can tell me what makes chocolate, chocolate, but as far as I’m concerned a chocolate bar that’s got at least 60% chocolate is a good starting point, before we even reach the quality of the beans, and anything with a higher chocolate content, you wouldn’t eat a lot of because it tastes too rich.

When did I last buy Chocolate ?

Okay, there is usually some form of chocolate in the shopping basket, but not the good stuff. So, yes, I have purchased chocolate more frequently than once a year – but not the good stuff !

Confession or Denial ?

OMG, reading this back I am astounded by my chocolate thought process, I am beginning to worry – am I indeed a chocoholic ? Perhaps I hide my addiction by sharing it with others ?

Self diagnosis – I am not a chocoholic, if I were a chocoholic I would eat all the chocolate I bought in one sitting, not wrap and gift to others !

Why I am not a chocoholic !

  1. I have never bought a box of chocolates for the sole purpose as an accompaniment to a Movie.
  2. I don’t like Hot Chocolate at bed-time or any other time
  3. I like to give chocolate to others !

What has this post got to do with art I hear you ask ?

Some art you love and it makes you go weak at the knees, so does chocolate !

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