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Robert Burns was born into a farming family in Ayrshire in 1759. He died in Dumfries when he was only 37. But, in that short time he had taken the Scottish literary world by storm, by writing some of Scotland’s most famous songs and poems.

On the anniversary of his death, 25th January 1796, Scots all over the world celebrate with a special meal called a Burns Supper consisting of Haggis, Neeps (Turnip or Swede) and Tatties (Potatoes), this celebration supper can invariably be washed down with Ale or a nip of Whiskey !

Famous writings by Burns include Selkirk Grace, Auld Lang Syne, Green Go the Rashes, Highland Mary, To a Mouse, Tam O’Shanter, A Man’s a Man for A’That and Ae Fond Kiss.

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