I have been planning a meal for Sunday 18th March, not only because it’s Mother’s Day in the UK, but also because my family has not been together since Christmas. Between holidays and the inevitable colds and sniffles, that come with the New Year – this Sunday is really the first chance we’ve had to spend time together.

The Menu is planned, even the wine – although I must confess I have won most of the wine in raffles and was given a bottle or two, so it shall go to good use, with the meal. I am not fussed that red wine should be served with red meat or white wine with fish or chicken or any of that. As far as I’m concerned – if I like the wine, I drink it with whatever I am eating no-matter the rule.

Anyway, I am getting side tracked from my Menu. I have designed three Menus, simply because I have decided to let my family choose the starter soup using a poll. I thought it would be fun and it’s fantastic to see everyone casting their vote. So, the choices are Spicy Parsnip Soup, Carrot and Coriander Soup or Broccoli Soup – what would you choose ?

The Main is a Beef Pot Roast, with vegetables and Roast Potatoes and the Desserts are to die for. (Pre-made and ordered online – I know I should have made them, but for a change I thought, I would like to spend some time with family and not in the kitchen !) And lastly, tea and coffee with a bit on the side (well perhaps more than a bit !) a Triple Layered Victoria Sponge. I can feel the calories sticking to me already – wow!

I have even made some place cards with some super salutations for a “Marvelous Mummy” and “Dashing Daddy”, “Tantalising T”, “Lucious Liz”, any reading dinner guests will know who they are !

And finally, as they say on the tv news broadcast, there are a few lovely items for women online. Have you had a look at our Mother’s Day Gift Ideas. We have up to 30% Off selected items (to be honest some of the ideas we have included in the offer are suitable for Birthdays and other special occasions, not just Mother’s Day) so take a look and see, but most of all enjoy your weekend whatever you do !