If you live abroad, travel frequently or have moved to the opposite side of the country – what do you miss ? What reminds you of Home ?

I have been thinking about this lately, partly due to the Colin Ruffell prints I have been browsing and how he has chosen subjects to paint that are iconic Scotland and remind me of familiar places I have visited and have been able to see with my own eyes.

It made me wonder what a tourist or visitor would remember from a trip to Scotland. I am sure the visitors experiences are very individual, what is their perception of Scotland ? Do they see Scotland like you or I see Scotland ?

One of my favourite images by Colin Ruffell, is Modern Art. It shows the statue of Wellington on horseback, outside the Gallery of Modern Art, in Queen Street, Glasgow, adorned with the familiar traffic cone on his head. I remember passing this area frequently as a student when purchasing goods from the adjacent Art Store shop or visiting the gallery itself. Some things never change – it always made me smile !

Colin’s painting of Royal Exchange Square, which is basically in the same area as the Welington statue but, around the corner, is a city centre nook of Glasgow that I like. Partly because the Rogano Restaurant is located here and because I love the archway which leads you out on to Buchanan Street and the throng of shops and shoppers !