With school holidays fast approaching, I was amazed to see how heavily laden some of the kids in the street were with carried bags, bin bags and canvas bags. Then the penny dropped – Ah! The annual clearing of school desks and trays as the kids proudly take their years achievements home to show family and friends.

Being in this category myself, I soon realised that much of this paper mountain would also be coming to visit Bay Attic.

Here is a preview of some of the delightful, future young artists work.  ( Remember you saw it here first on Bay Attic !)

Ink, Marker and Crayon Sketch Entitled
“To remind my Mummy of Me”
by a 4 year old going on 40

Crayon Illustration of Flowers
from a soon to be 7 year old!

Pen and Ink drawing of
Charles Rennie Mackintosh
by an enthusiastic 8 year old

Chalk Drawing Entitled
“My Castle”
by a budding Knight aged 7

Marker Line Drawing Entitled
by an 8 year old

Thanks for sharing your art with us today guys !