Nancy was born in Glasgow and until 8 years ago, had spent all of her life living near Stirling. She now lives in Worcestershire but returns north frequently to find inspiration for her painting.

Her favourite places include the islands, particularly Islay and Arran, and the villages and shorelines in the East Neuk of Fife. She paints mainly in oils, quickly and instinctively.

Nancy uses very little brush work, preferring to apply the paint with a knife and fingers to achieve a rough, textured effect. Her palette is soft and muted reflecting the changing tones of the Scottish landscape in all seasons. The effect of light and the mixing of colour are very important in her work.

She exhibits in several galleries in Scotland and in the Cotswolds.

Shades of Spring, Loch Lomond –
Open Edition Giclee Art Print by Nancy Turnbull

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