Back to School again ! I have come to realise that this time of year must have some significance in my psyche. I realise that I have written with this topic in mind, last year and have tended to be more aware of the art we have relating to education and schooling at this time of year. Perhaps, to some of you, this will be my annual rant !

Anyway, our local children returned to school last Wednesday, and I find the difference in traffic on the roads unbelievable. For weeks I have been able to travel a 10 minute journey in ten minutes, not the usual twenty and have not had to shout colourful names at fellow drivers because they are not driving sensibly. Nor have I had to weave around lackadaisical pedestrians that seem to wait until the last-minute to cross the road as you approach. Neither have I had to be gob-smacked when driving in the City center, by the lack of pedestrian awareness that when the green man changes to the red man on the traffic light system – that said pedestrian should stop, remain on the pavement and wait until it’s safe to cross . . . .  and as for the convoy of school busses – don’t get me started !

On the up side, and there is one. Is that I have also seen the pride on the faces of the new recruits, especially the Primary one children. How happy they are to be “grown up”, now that they are at school. Also, my visits to the local store are now quieter in the morning, so I can just pop in, get what I need and I am back to work in no time.

So, I have chosen two pieces of art to compliment my post today. The first for obvious reasons and the second because it’s a quiet cove.

Glasgow University above the Treetops
Open Edition Giclee Art Print by Jennifer Thomson

Quiet Cove, Plockton
Limited Edition Giclee Art Print by Peter Foyle

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