Sunlit Snow

“The weather outside is frightful”, as the song says, but I have to admit that snow can be beautiful. Sunlit Snow by Vega with it’s solitary cottage, dramatic snow topped mountains and fiery red sky is just such a scene. The fact that snow is gorgeous to look at, but not always the best to become stranded in, or unprepared for, means that this Giclee Art print can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home. No snow boots, hat or gloves required !

Sunlit Snow Limited Edition Giclee Art Print
by Vega


Artist Biography

From as far back as I can remember I have always wanted to be an artist and throughout my life I have lived and worked as one. Submitting my portfolio, I was accepted by Leeds University, and after four years of experimental studio work coupled with intensive theoretical study, received a BA (Hons) degree in Fine Art.

During the 80’s I did figurative work, concentrating on producing positive images of women of all ages and race and their role in society. These series of paintings sold and were published, they became the impetus behind my subsequent sketching and painting travels in Africa. During this period I moved to the Isle of Mull in Scotland while also spending time in France, Spain and Ireland to study, paint and teach before travelling to Africa in 1990.

The early 90’s I again journeyed to Europe to paint and teach, being lucky enough during these years to fit in a trip to Indonesia for further study. These periods of study over many years have enabled me to learn different ways of painting and drawing which has freed me from becoming bound to any one particular way of seeing and depicting the subject so that, hopefully, it is always new and different to the viewer. A bonus of this for me is that a number of buyers are always adding to their collections of my work.

The mid 90’s saw a move to the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides, a starkly beautiful island where the sea and the wind are a major part of life born by the quiet strength and forthrightness of the islanders. Here I learnt to sail, how to build and maintain a boat and finally how to live aboard for months at a time so that now, when I do a marine painting, I actually know how it feels to claw your way upwind against a foul tide in a force six.

During these times abroad (for my paints and pad are always with me), I began signing my pictures ‘Vega’ out of respect for the boat that carried me safely for hundreds of miles on my journeys.

Vega Art Prints

We stock a range of 31 art prints and posters from Vega. They are available in a selection of sizes with prices starting at only £6.00.

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