598880_544457062252506_1027818152_nOur annual family get-together was the other night and I enjoyed it even more than last year, as I didn’t need to spend all my time in the kitchen. Planning in advance is key, and making the odd desert the day before and Yeh ! I know I shop bought a few items, but boy does it make a difference !

Starter. Pate or home-made soup followed by poached chicken with a pre bought Salad with lime and honey dressing. It was the description that got me ” This vibrant mix of edamame soya beans, green lentils, red peppers, pomegranate seeds, spinach, couscous and chickpeas has a gorgeous honey and lime dressing.”, all I can say is that the salad was well received, complimented the meat and was a fresh, flavoursome, light addition to the meal – fantastic !

Desserts. I made every one of them myself ! A maple fondue accompanied with fruit platter,  marshmallow, shortbread and meringue mini’s for dipping or a Hot Cross Bun pudding served with ice cream or custard followed as always (after a period of rest) by a rather decadent triple layer lemon cream cake and tea and coffee. One thing I did learn this year, was that the ‘either/or’ choice became ‘and’ for a six course meal (instead of a four course meal) over several hours.

We closed the night with an impromptu art competition originally devised to keep younger guests amused. It became rather competitive as even dosing guests woke to take part! Each guest submitted an observational drawing, which was then judged in the ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ manner, to decide a runner-up and overall winner. Hasten to say, I came last with my sketch of a snail that had a bit of a ‘Brian’ look about him from the Magic Roundabout. Congratulations went to David my husband and Elizabeth , in joint first place with their drawings of a Skylander Giant and a house !