I cannot help to look out at our river view today and think about some lovely things to do on a sunny day.

Luckily our artists have also captured some of these lovely ideas too !

Idea No. 1. Swimming

We have an outdoor pool in Gourock and on a sunny day it’s a great place to visit and soak up the sunshine with a sea breeze, whether you have a swim or relax by the pool side on loungers. The Swimming Club by Marion Adie show us some cheerful aqua aerobic ladies, perhaps at the Gourock Outdoor Pool ?

Idea No.2. A trip to the Beach

Loch Lomond and Arran have many beautiful spots for a trip to the beach or shoreline. Coastal Blues by Pam Glennie captures that wonderful feeling you get on a blue sky day at the sea-side. A visit to Catacol Bay on Arran will give you fantastic views across the Kibrannan Sound and the Kintyre Peninsula not to mention Lochranza Castle just along the road. Judith I Bridgland captures Catacol Bay, Arran and the shoreline at Loch Lomond. About to Rain, Loch Lomond shows us that even when it’s about to rain, the shoreline can still be a stunning sight.

Idea No.3. Sailing

Water and the Worlds last sea-fairing paddle steamer the PS Waverley, are to the River Clyde like Clootie Dumpling wi cream – something nostalgic and rather special ! Peter McDermott gives us a modern interpretation of a classic style to give us PS Waverley. Explore the West Coast and Islands of Scotland in style and if your feeling peckish on board we can recommend the fish and chips !

Idea No.4. Hill Walking

There is something quite satisfying about reaching the top of a munro, so taking a hike up Ben Lomond gives some spectacular views – weather permitting – along the full length of Loch Lomond. John Bathgate paints Ben Lomond from Luss showing the mountain in all it’s glory from the shoreline.

Idea No.5. Tea and Cake

Sight-seeing and day trips – well for us anyway – culminate with a Tea shop or Coffee Shop or even a Pub Stop. So you will not be surprised that it has been known for a specific trip and sigh-seeing day to be engineered to encompass one of our favourite beverage and nourishment houses. Tea and Cake by Moy Mackay is just one of those images that makes you want to stop for an hour and take in your days travels with tea, cake and a comfy seat !

Moy Mackay | John Bathgate | Peter McDermott | Judith I. Bridgland | Pam Glennie