I was reading an article recently about a family who are employed as models, from baby to kids and Mum and Dad. Apart from getting to see some wonderful places and climates, it was inspiring to read that they relish in the fact that the whole family can enjoy traveling world-wide, and also be together working on a photo shoot.

The idea may not appeal to everyone but definitely a rather unique selling point. Something similar at Bay Attic, since it’s a family business. It also made me think of some rather special places for a photo shoot in Scotland and how art can inspire.

Locations such as Iona or Barra, with rolling hills and mountains, white sandy beaches that stretch for miles and crystal clear azure and blue waters that lap the coastline, could be mistaken for somewhere in Mauritius – weather permitting of course !

Artist Robert Kelsey has painted many Scottish beaches and seascapes that you can almost feel the sea breeze on your face and the sand between your toes and would be ideal for a family photo shoot too ! One of his paintings in particular has even inspired a book by author Melanie Hudson, to find out more take a look at Robert’s News.

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