Fortingall Flair by Lin Pattullo

Fortingall, a small picturesque village in Perthshire, Scotland is steeped in history. Regarded as an early Christian centre and home to the oldest Yew tree in the Europe, if not in fact the oldest living thing in the World. Legend claims Fortingall to be the birth place of Pontius Pilate. The village is also the burial-place of Sir Donald Currie, MP and Shipping Magnate, who transformed, the once semi derelict village with the help of architect, James McLaren.

Fortingall Flair – Limited Edition Giclee Art Print
by Lin Pattullo

Fortingall | Lin Pattullo Art | Bay Attic | Perthshire Art

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  1. thebayattic

    5th November 2015 at 10:40 am

    Interesting to recently read that this ancient Yew is changing

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