Juli Miller describes her work as “a collection of ever-changing handmade pieces and collections.” Each piece of jewellery is unique, you can see the vibrance and luster of these gorgeous Strata Luna necklaces, which are made from hand cut glass which is then fired in the kiln to metamorphose into these beautiful, colorful, eye-catching creations.

pieces and collectionsJuli worked as a graphic design and then project manager for a several years, but when her path took a different turn – when a friend introduced her to fused glass making. Juli found it fascinating and decided to take a leap of faith and created Jules Jules to sell her creations to shops and galleries. That was 10 years ago. Today, Juli still enjoys every day. The company has expanded to include other lovely things Juli finds, made by great crafts people, that she can then use in the jewellery she makes.

You can find out more about Juli and her Jewellery in our Artist Interview on our website.

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