Matylda konecka” I see myself in two different worlds. One is fairy tales, a little creepy, but humorous. I think the dark and magical creatures are part of me; I would like them to be my companions for a long time.The other world is abstract, things which I can’t say literally, but want to express strongly. I like to build a very personal universe, a mixture of dreams and fairies with colour and melancholy. In my work I wanted to show how I perceive Scotland; I used elements from the cities and the most beautiful landscapes of the country and created my own stories from them. Scotland seems to me to be a place so vivid, colourful and magical that I couldn’t help but show it in my art. In many of my works there are elements referring to the history, traditions and legends of the area (e.g.”The Fish That Never Swam”,”Sleeping Island”,”Pipers”). ”

Matylda Konecka | Bay Attic | Ingrid Nilsson