A grand day out was had putting at the Himalayas in St. Andrews. Located to the right of the second tee on the Old Course, a round can easily last at least 45 minutes depending on your fellow team mates and how busy the course is on the day. Run by the Ladies Putting Club, the course is open to the public daily from April to September, although, there are times when the course is for members only.

Himalayas, St. Andrews

Pleasantly blustery, I did not need to wrap up as if on a trip to Antarctica this time. We enjoyed blue skies and lovely sunshine. We tee off at the first, in locked competition consisting of 9 players across two teams.  My game – I didn’t keep score – it was probably just as well. In the end none of us kept score, but our team did manage a hole in one !

As usual, the welcoming and most placid guard dog I have ever seen, watches as you pay and play, and if you need a comfort break, golfing gear or sustenance, the Ladies Putting Club is right next to the Himalayas and a welcome stop to defrost if the weather is not in your favour. Even a visit to the toilets are a must with cleanliness, soap and hand-wash that invigorate the senses !

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