Stuart Roy - Liquid Blue Greeting Card

Come on, dive in !

I like the rich cooling blues in this card by artist Stuart Roy. It makes me think the weather is about to turn, but to what – any ideas ?

About the Artist

Stuart studied fine art whilst at university in Wales and exhibited his work across the country. He started to use photographs for the basis of his paintings and quickly became involved in photography on a professional level.

As well as selling fine art photography, he worked in the West Midlands as a freelance advertising photographer, taking product and PR shots for brochures and various publications.

When he settled in Norfolk the move re-ignited his interest in painting-the pace of life is so different it is not surprising that this is reflected in Stuart’s work.

Although big skies, wide sands and the unique lighting of the Norfolk coast may seem descriptive clichés at times, it is this and the very landscapes of the area that inspire Stuart in many of his paintings.

As an artist he is constantly developing his personal style and exploring new ways of creating work to capture the atmosphere and colour of a seascape.

Did you know ?

Our cards are printed on paper from managed forests and are classed as Letter Sized for posting with Royal Mail.

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