Summer Holiday Art Print by Leila Aitken at Bay Attic

Summer Holiday Art Print by Leila Aitken

It was a beautiful day when Henry and Jane decided to go for a walk. They picked up Haggis, the family dog – he had long ago become too fat and lazy to walk – they plopped him in the hand-held trailer and trundled off down the street. They were heading for the cliffs.

There was a path, you see, it led down the side of the cliffs to a hidden cove. Henry and Jane would often come here to play. Tucked into the cliff face was their secret den – a small cave, slightly raised from the beach and the perfect look-out to warn against sea-monsters and cut-throat pirates. They wheeled, a now sleeping Haggis inside, and unpacked a few sweets they had brought. This was their bounty, to be protected at all costs from enemies and on occasion, a hungry Haggis !

As they sat considering their game plan for the day, something caught Jane’s eye nearing the shoreline. It was glinting in the sun and, it bobbed and wobbled like a jelly, as it disturbed the waves passage to the shore.

“It’s a chest !”, shouted Henry excitedly, as he bounded towards it across the sand, leaving Jane before she could get to her feet and a slightly startled Haggis – who was considering, if it was worth the effort to stand.

What’s this all about ?

Well, we have taken to challenge ourselves at Bay Attic, and get creative with words & art. It’s a game to get our brains thinking.

What you need.

  • At least two players
  • Small pieces of paper to write a word on to and be able to fold in half
  • A4 paper
  • Something to set a timer for 5 minutes
  • Pen or pencil for each player.

Object of the game

Write a short story in 5 minutes.


  1. Each player takes an A4 sheet of paper and small piece of paper, use one large and small piece of paper per round, it’s up to you how many rounds you wish to play.
  2. On the small piece of paper, each player – without another player seeing what you write, writes a word/place/action on said small piece of paper, fold in half and pass in a clock-wise motion to the next player.
  3. Players look at the word written on the small piece of paper they have just been given – this is the word to use and include in your 5 minute story.
  4. Set the timer to count down for 5 minutes and get writing. Don’t worry about spelling, grammar and the likes, just get your synapses firing (you can always sort out the punctuation and spelling later)
  5. When the five minutes is up, stop writing and share your stories !

Henry, Jane and Haggis – 5 Minute Story – Inspiration

The word given for this story was “Beautiful”, and what came to mind were the nostalgic and evocative seascapes by North Berwick artist Leila Aitken. Leila has lived in North Berwick for over 50 years, wrote for several magazines, presented craft and gardening programmes for the BBC and ITV and is the author of seven books on craft-related subjects. .#bayattic #5minutestories #Nostalgic #Creativewriting