Blue Rinse Brigade by Marion Adie

Blue Rinse Brigade – Signed Limited Edition Giclee Print by Marion Adie

In the 19th & 20th Century cruise ships had been sea-going vessels. With the advent of ion-propulsion in the late 25th Century, cruise ships had taken to the stars.

Fancy a trip across the Galaxy, no problem. Take a slingshot round the Motarian Nebula or pass through the Final Frontier to the Forbidden Planet, all were possible.

However, sitting on her chair, Marjory was less concerned about the beauty of space and more worried about the ache from her ankles, her varicos veins and the terrible perm Рher too young hairdresser had given her. You see, even in the 25th century, cruise ships were still an attractive get-a-way for the blue rinse brigade.

Permanent Marjory – 5 Minute Story – Inspiration

The words given for this story was “Cruise Ship”, and what came to mind were the colourful and lively ladies by Marion Adie. Her use of vibrant, carnival-like colours contrast against the shades of grey that were characteristic of her childhood in Glasgow at the time. Marions art represents these upbeat, colourful personalities she remembers and perhaps, triggers memories of the larger-than-life characters from your own childhood. Thankfully these characters are still with us today.

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