Silent Street (The West Bow) by Matylda Konecka

F – i – z – z, Crack, Whomp, BANG! Flash.

“Bugger”, thought Tadpole, “This isn’t going to work, making electricity is much harder than you think, when you have no idea what electricity is or does.”

“WATCH OUT BELOW!”, he shouted, as a blue flare whizzed out of the open window and then slowly glided towards the busy street below, as if its molecular structure had been affected by the air outside the window – like a ribbon dancing in the wind, it descended.

“Argh!”, shrilled a high-pitched voice,

“Ouch”, said another tone,

“Snap Dragon !”, bellowed a deep, burbling voice , as the tones reverberated along the street like the clinking milk-churns, on the back of Dairy Mary’s Miracle Milk cart. (Indeed a miracle – as Dairy Mary didn’t own any cows or goats to produce milk)

Tadpole, slowly peeked his head out of the window. He knew those voices instantly – although he wished he didn’t recognise the tones. In the street across from Tadpole’s window, he could see Mrs. Bludgeon, aided by her son Archie and husband Bob, dizzily getting helped to her feet.

Watch Out Below – 5 Minute Story – Inspiration

The word given for this story was “electricity”. My first thought, was dread, what could I write about electricity in 5 minutes, but then I used this lack of knowledge to think about a by-gone era – who perhaps had an idea for electricity but no idea how to make it. Enter my unassuming hero Tadpole and the imaginative scenes and characters in Matylda Konecka paintings.

Matylda says ” I like to build a very personal universe, a mixture of dreams and fairies with colour and melancholy.” She is an artist from Wrocław, Poland, born into an established and respected family of artists – her Father and Mother, Janusz and Beata created a Center of Artistic Education in Szklarska Poręba since 1994. Matylda graduated from Landscape Architecture at the Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences. Moving to England in 2010 she set up her art studio in a 19th century Victorian vicarage, specialising in painting, illustration and graphic design. She has been awarded prizes in several major competitions, and has had a number of individual and group exhibitions throughout Europe. She has also designed album covers for several well established musicians and bands.

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