Horse at the run gift mug by Diana Hand

Horse at the run gift mug by Diana Hand

A treat today from our guest writer Diane, whom we roped into playing our 5 Minute Story game.

It was a bad injury, I’d had lots of injuries over the years, but when I fell off Magnus during the horse trials, I’d buggered my knee cap – well and truly !

“Get back on the horse!”, screeched Maggie, she never let me off with anything. Constantly pushing me when I desperately wanted to be left in peace.

Magnus stared at me from across the paddock. Who said horses couldn’t talk – if you had ever met this animal, you could tell his look spoke a thousand words. I just hope my look back at him spoke as much. I just couldn’t get back on him and I desperately hoped he understood.

Get Back on the Horse – 5 Minute Story – Inspiration

The word given for this story was “knee cap”, and instantly, the thought of Diana Hand’s beautiful drawings, conveying such movement and emotion through her art, was in my thoughts.

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