Peter Foyle - Queen Street Station

Queen Street Station by Peter Foyle

“Where am I supposed to be ?”, thought Lucy, “This isn’t bloomin’ Hogwarts !” she cussed under her breath. “This train station is a rabbit warren.”

“Can I help you Miss ?”, a kind voice asked.

Lucy spun round on the spot to see a young man, in a smart station guard uniform, looking at her. She didn’t answer him quickly because all she could see were his dark brown eyes. They mesmerised her, and his helpful smile – well she could have fainted on the spot !

“Y – Yes”, she stammered. Then before she uttered another word, she took a deep breath. In her head she said “Get a grip Lucy – behave yourself”, and thankfully – out loud she managed to reply. “I’m looking for Platform 12”

The guard smiled again and held out a welcoming hand.

This isn’t bloomin’ Hogwarts – 5 Minute Story – Inspiration

The word given for this story was “station”. To be honest, I couldn’t think of anything else but Hogwarts. I decided that to use Hogwarts was far too obvious – so, in my frantic 5 minutes of writing I thought of Glasgow Central Station and Queen Street Station in Glasgow City Centre – and hey presto ! Peter Foyle Queen Street Station was in my mind.

Much of Peter’s work depicts rural life in harbours and villages around the country but he has recently been inspired by the buildings and street scenes of Glasgow. His ability to capture light – often on wet days – has resulted in rich, vibrant paintings which are proving very popular.

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