As he sat in his creative writing class, Larry’s mind was completely blank. The resident monster, in fact the only monster at this school, was suffering from writers block since his arrival. Starting a new school was never easy his parents had told him but, when you arrive from another planet – it’s worse !

The kids in his class had not exactly been welcoming.




had been among the nicest things the kids had called him.

The thing was, Larry had a universe of experiences to call upon and he still couldn’t think of anything to write.

Sunfire by Dronma

Sunfire by Dronma

Maybe it was Protracted-Dimensional-Queasiness (PDQ-lag, for short), the trip from M3196-II, at SUPER-hypersonic-lickety-split-speed, was only permitted under extreme circumstances. Larry had an everlasting feeling that some part of him was still meandering in the transitory-funnel. His journey had been so swift, he had blinked and missed it !

The Resident Monster – 5 Minute Story – Inspiration

The word given for this story was “monster”. The story came to me before the art image, so I thought about Larry’s home planet and what it may look like. This made me think how alien earth can seem – the difference between the Scottish landscape and the lava fields at the Parque Nacional de Timanfaya and Montañas del Fuego (Fire Mountains) in Lanzarote, are just one contrast that springs to mind. I also thought about the affects the weather has on my local landscape, how it can look totally different because of the time of day or season. Fabulous qualities like these (and many more) artist Dronma incorporates into her work – Sunfire – is just one example.

Dronma’s unusual name is her Tibetan Buddhist name, since becoming a Tibetan Buddhist in 1976. Her expressive landscapes may be wild and windswept, but they also gleam with an inner light. ” I love the changing moods of light, colour and atmosphere, and I am fascinated with the vibrancy of change, the point of ‘in-between’.”

I hope you enjoyed today’s story.

If you want to play along here’s the first story, Henry, Jane and Haggis with instructions on how to play.

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