Moy Mackay - Lincoln Longwool Greeting Card

Lincoln Longwool by Moy Mackay

“There was money to be had in this job”, thought Robin. The wool trade was still a lucrative business in 3015, even though sheep had long been extinct due to the Octavarian larva infestation of 2098. Wool was now a concoction of’ ‘ingredients’ (just don’t ask) mixed with human hair. “Let’s not get into the human hair business”, he snorted to himself. “That’s dangerous”.

As Robin pondered his business venture, he heard a knock at the door. It was Onyx, his best friend. She stood outside waiting for him to answer the door – he knew this because as she approached the door of his pod, her image flashed on his mobile.

The Wool Trade – 5 Minute Story – Inspiration

The word given for this story was ‘wool’, and really what instantly came to me was the beautiful work in felt and stitch from Moy Mackay. In particular her Lincoln Longwool creation, which if I recall was actually made using the wool from the very sheep depicted in the artwork.

There are also a couple of other works which follow the sheep theme, Glenkinnon Ram and Rough Fell. I have visited Moy’s Gallery in Peebles and I just love her work. Oh! Enough of me getting distracted. Here’s a bit more about Moy.

About the Artist

Moy Mackay is a Scottish Borders based artist combining traditional felting techniques with Merino tops to create her work. The main inspiration for Moy’s work is her surroundings in the rural heart of the beautiful Tweed Valley.

Moy was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1966 and graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 1990 with a BA (Hons) degree in Design.

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