John Bathgate - The Storr in Snow

The Storr in Snow Limited Edition Art Print

Billy Bob never fitted in among the other penguins, while most of the group listened to Bjork and other experimental Nordic groups, his heart had always lay in Country.

He felt the heart-ache deep inside himself, he often walked to the human’s hut to listen to Whispering Bob Harris on Radio 2.

There had been a group of Texan’s working on a drilling rig near-by, and a few years back Billy Bob had liberated a Stetson from one of the least intelligent.

He imagined himself in the deep South Louisiana by-way, sitting on his rocking chair listening to Emmylou Harris.

Billy Bob Penguin – 5 Minute Story – Inspiration

The word given for this 5 minute story was Penguin, a tricky subject me thinks, Penguins and art – but, hey Presto, the good old Scottish weather made me think about snow, the North of Scotland and eventually the Isle of Skye, and to this wintry scene – The Storr in Snow by John Bathgate. Hope you enjoyed the read!

About the Artist

John Bathgate works from his studio at Roskhill, just south of Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye. A borderer by birth, his love of the rugged and wilder country of Scotland’s north-west saw him move to Skye in 1992 and it is this landscape which inspires his work.

Most of his ideas are gleaned from walking in the landscape recording details in sketchbooks, drawing in pencil and watercolour crayons to give a “loose, washy account of my ramblings”. It may be a panoramic view, or a cluster of trees and houses, often it is smaller details like dry-stone dykes or a tangle of seaweed on rocks. Back in the studio he can concentrate on the paintings without the difficulty of the elements, a necessity in a highland environment. On occasions some images arrive on their own with no preliminary drawings or at times when an accumulation of work starts a flow of ideas. As he says himself, “I like to have an open mind and try any new ideas that come my way, I am always learning”.

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