What a crazy kind of day. Sunshine, showers, snow, hailstones, but my favourite of all CLOUDS! It was a brilliant cloudy day today. Bilious, fluffy white cotton balls drifted above – the kind of day when you could see Auntie Sandra pass over-head. “Oh! No, wait a sec, her nose has just met another cloud and she’s now got a super schnoz – it’s like she’s gone to Burger King and got a supersized nose!”

Robert Kelsey - Windy Beaches on Harris

Robert Kelsey – Windy Beaches on Harris

I love to just lie in the park and stare up at the sky. I see lot’s of people and animals floating past me. In fact, I’ve just spotted a new creature, a fish. It’s got a long . . .

Day Dreamer – 5 Minute Story – Inspiration

The word for this story today was “clouds”, and written by our gallery visitor Diane. I am not sure if we shall ever know what kind of new fish creature she has discovered, as the timer stopped her creative writing mid flow. But, an artist instantly came to mind – Robert Kelsey. He paints some amazing coastline vistas with blue skies and atmospheric clouds.

About the Artist.

Robert was born in Glasgow 1949. Studied at Glasgow School of Art 1966-1970.

Much of Robert’s inspiration comes from the land and seascapes to be found on the West coast of Scotland, near Arisaig, and in particular, the coasts around the islands of the Inner and Outer Hebrides. Robert’s Grandparents were School teachers on Barra at the turn of the last century and his father was born on the Island in 1906. On a visit to the island some years ago he enjoyed the experience of arriving in a tiny plane, and landing on the cockle strand airstrip with salt spray splashing the windows. Seconds later, walking on the sand, he was overcome by the beauty of his surroundings. A vast flat beach, sparkling emerald water, and a huge sky.

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