It was a really hot day, the sun was shining down from a pure blue sky.

Emily was a wasp, a big yellow and black stripy wasp. She really enjoyed flying about amongst the flowers, especially on a day like today.

“What was that smell?”, she thought, as she buzzed through the air. “It seemed to be coming from over by the lake”.

She flew over to see where this deliciousness was coming from and found food, laid out on a nice cloth, on the ground ahead of her.

She hesitated, people were around – she didn’t like people, they were cruel, some of her hive mates had been killed by people, but the smell of the food was too strong and she just had to go and taste it . . . . . .

David Grigor - House for an Art Lover

Emily – 5 Minute Story Inspiration

The word for today’s five-minute story was “Sky”. Images of wide open spaces and beautiful blue skies may not be what’s on offer at this time of year, but Guest participant Dave is wishing for sunnier days!

Dave’s trips to Callendar Park my have been an inspiration for this buzzy story, which is rather apt since I was thinking about House for an Art Lover, Bellahouston Park, Glasgow by David Grigor, when I read about Emily the Wasp.

About the Artist

Originally a school teacher and Head of Art in three schools in the UK and Canada, David apart from producing his own work, currently teaches Art and Crafts for the Scottish War Blinded.

David is always looking for new a approached to painting and his pen, ink and watercolour illustrations are just one of his most successful works.

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