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Greetings from Robert Kelsey

Colourful cards and atmospheric settings –  you can almost smell the sea air, hear the water lap the side of the boat, pluck the flowers from the vase or be walking the Mall. I’m so happy to share these beautiful greeting cards from artist Robert Kelsey in more detail today.

Much of Robert’s inspiration comes from the land and seascapes to be found on the West coast of Scotland, near Arisaig, and in particular, the coasts around the islands of the Inner and Outer Hebrides, but as you can see from the scenes Robert has painted in these cards, he has been inspired with not only city life  but, also every-day objects, scenes and still life studies.

Take a tour of the UK, with over 40 cards featuring Robert’s images across a range of square cards 150mm x 150mm, and landscape 7″.5″ sized cards.

They are even great to frame and hang if space is a premium !

Here’s the technical stuff – Robert’s art cards are reproduced from the original image using high quality digital printing on to beautifully smooth, heavyweight card stock, using the full colour process. The cards are then machine cut and hand folded and packaged inside a cello bag with an envelope. The inside of the card is blank for you to personalise with your message. #bayattic #robertkelsey #greetingcards #colourful #atmospheric

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Day Dreamer – 5 Minute Stories

What a crazy kind of day. Sunshine, showers, snow, hailstones, but my favourite of all CLOUDS! It was a brilliant cloudy day today. Bilious, fluffy white cotton balls drifted above – the kind of day when you could see Auntie Sandra pass over-head. “Oh! No, wait a sec, her nose has just met another cloud and she’s now got a super schnoz – it’s like she’s gone to Burger King and got a supersized nose!”

Robert Kelsey - Windy Beaches on Harris

Robert Kelsey – Windy Beaches on Harris

I love to just lie in the park and stare up at the sky. I see lot’s of people and animals floating past me. In fact, I’ve just spotted a new creature, a fish. It’s got a long . . .

Day Dreamer – 5 Minute Story – Inspiration

The word for this story today was “clouds”, and written by our gallery visitor Diane. I am not sure if we shall ever know what kind of new fish creature she has discovered, as the timer stopped her creative writing mid flow. But, an artist instantly came to mind – Robert Kelsey. He paints some amazing coastline vistas with blue skies and atmospheric clouds.

About the Artist.

Robert was born in Glasgow 1949. Studied at Glasgow School of Art 1966-1970.

Much of Robert’s inspiration comes from the land and seascapes to be found on the West coast of Scotland, near Arisaig, and in particular, the coasts around the islands of the Inner and Outer Hebrides. Robert’s Grandparents were School teachers on Barra at the turn of the last century and his father was born on the Island in 1906. On a visit to the island some years ago he enjoyed the experience of arriving in a tiny plane, and landing on the cockle strand airstrip with salt spray splashing the windows. Seconds later, walking on the sand, he was overcome by the beauty of his surroundings. A vast flat beach, sparkling emerald water, and a huge sky.

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Model Art

I was reading an article recently about a family who are employed as models, from baby to kids and Mum and Dad. Apart from getting to see some wonderful places and climates, it was inspiring to read that they relish in the fact that the whole family can enjoy traveling world-wide, and also be together working on a photo shoot.

The idea may not appeal to everyone but definitely a rather unique selling point. Something similar at Bay Attic, since it’s a family business. It also made me think of some rather special places for a photo shoot in Scotland and how art can inspire.

Locations such as Iona or Barra, with rolling hills and mountains, white sandy beaches that stretch for miles and crystal clear azure and blue waters that lap the coastline, could be mistaken for somewhere in Mauritius – weather permitting of course !

Artist Robert Kelsey has painted many Scottish beaches and seascapes that you can almost feel the sea breeze on your face and the sand between your toes and would be ideal for a family photo shoot too ! One of his paintings in particular has even inspired a book by author Melanie Hudson, to find out more take a look at Robert’s News.

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We’re in Print at Clyde Life Magazine

Clyde Life magazine are committed to supporting local businesses and encourage local people to use local business services. So, when we were contacted by Ellen Arnison from Clyde Life, we were very excited that she asked to include us in her blog round-up.

Ellen’s article,  A Raft of Blogs centers on local news in blogs. Ellen writes,

“For a while the Tall Ships fleet dominated the coastline and hearts and minds of local people. It’s no surprise then that the Tall Ships have dominated local blogs too.”

The Tall Ships event and it’s location at the James Watt Dock in Greenock, certainly roused many locals about the historic dockland sugar sheds. This drive lead to the creation of  “Keep Greenock’s Sugar Sheds A Community Space” on Facebook and mixed reaction articles in the local paper.

Find out what our fellow bloggers had to say in Issue 2 August 2011 of the Clyde Life Magazine, through your door now !

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