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Feathers – 5 Minute Stories

Feather PaintingToday at school we were making feather paintings. We had lots of different coloured feathers. There were pink and purple and blue too. I loved making my painting. I couldn’t wait to show my mum at the end of the day.

As the first day of school came to an end, I ran out of the gate and showed my mummy my feather painting.

“Aw, that’s pretty”, she said proudly.

“Thanks Mummy”, I said excitedly.

“Now, as a treat for your beautiful painting let’s take a trip to Cupcake Corner”, she said smiling.

Feathers – 5 Minute Story Inspiration

We all sat down at Bay Attic and wrote a short story (in 5 minutes) based on the word ‘feather’, here’s another of the outcomes – from one of our smaller ‘part-time (when schools out) helpers’.

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Bless You – 5 Minute Stories


It’s been a while but, today we all sat down at Bay Attic and wrote a short story (in 5 minutes) based on the word ‘feather’, here’s just one of the outcomes!


“Bless You”, said the voice.

Another sneeze occurred.

“Gesundheit”, said the voice.

Another sneeze, echoed across the courtyard, caught mid “ch”, this time the “oo” sounded less violent.

The sneezer looked up, bleary eyed and exhausted. “I think I’m allergic”, said the Angel. “All these beautiful feathers – I mean, not that I’m ungreatful n’all”, she paused, face twitching as she braced herself for another sneeze. “At-choo!” The noise travelled across the courtyard followed by a nasal sounding “Fiddlesticks”. She sniffed and continued to talk as though nothing had happened. “I mean, I am so, SO, sorry. I love these whiter than white fluffy wings – they just look so perfect and the precision flying – even at top speed – they are magnificent……”

Bless You – 5 Minute Story Inspiration

Feather is the word for today’s story. The inspiration came from the illustrative cards by Wayne Williams that feature his Angel Bears.

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Satisfaction – 5 Minute Stories

“Short, strong, dark and sweet. Satisfaction that fills the early waking hours, or mixed with alcohol for the after hours.”

He unintentionally licked his lips, then as if to conjure the elixer before me, he raised his hands towards his face in a florish and wiggled his fingers in front of his widening smile.

“A pleasure”, he continued.

“Both, warm and comforting, yet bitter. Pungent. Aromatic.”, He paused, thoughtfully.

“Can you tell that from such a thing as a bean, this black gold that I yearn for, I thirst for – is more than just a morning ritual? My mouth cries out for such a taste. My eyes blearily search for the liquoris tones. My nostrils seek the aroma, the roasted vapours, they tingle my senses like my lovers kiss”. His voice more animated as he spoke, his eyes wide.

I could almost taste this magical sounding liquid.

Black as HellStrong as Death and as Sweet as Love

Satisfaction – 5 Minute Story Inspiration

The word for today’s five-minute story was “Satisfaction”. So, I thought I would take inspiration for this Turkish coffee proverb.

About the Artist

No specific artist today, just a little creative writing on a subject close to my heart.

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Emily – 5 Minute Stories

It was a really hot day, the sun was shining down from a pure blue sky.

Emily was a wasp, a big yellow and black stripy wasp. She really enjoyed flying about amongst the flowers, especially on a day like today.

“What was that smell?”, she thought, as she buzzed through the air. “It seemed to be coming from over by the lake”.

She flew over to see where this deliciousness was coming from and found food, laid out on a nice cloth, on the ground ahead of her.

She hesitated, people were around – she didn’t like people, they were cruel, some of her hive mates had been killed by people, but the smell of the food was too strong and she just had to go and taste it . . . . . .

David Grigor - House for an Art Lover

Emily – 5 Minute Story Inspiration

The word for today’s five-minute story was “Sky”. Images of wide open spaces and beautiful blue skies may not be what’s on offer at this time of year, but Guest participant Dave is wishing for sunnier days!

Dave’s trips to Callendar Park my have been an inspiration for this buzzy story, which is rather apt since I was thinking about House for an Art Lover, Bellahouston Park, Glasgow by David Grigor, when I read about Emily the Wasp.

About the Artist

Originally a school teacher and Head of Art in three schools in the UK and Canada, David apart from producing his own work, currently teaches Art and Crafts for the Scottish War Blinded.

David is always looking for new a approached to painting and his pen, ink and watercolour illustrations are just one of his most successful works.

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