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You know Elaine at Bay Attic is a coffee-lover. Now it’s getting obsessive! #CoffeeLover #CoffeeCalendar


Christmas and New Year Order Dates

It’s a busy time of year for most small businesses, a great feeling – I like to be busy! As always, David and me aim to get orders sent as quickly as possible, although during busy periods – especially Christmas-time, this may be slightly longer. If you wish to give us a call before you place your order to check delivery times – that’s fine by us too. We will keep you up to date as well – via email or phone.

Delivery Details orders etc

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Achoo !


I have the cold – so does Mr. Bay Attic. Probably not something that I would normally share with you, but it’s getting frustrating. It’s the sneezing more than anything else. The worst sneezes are the hovering, tingling ones that start to twitch your eye – in turn your eye starts to water – then nothing, no sneeze. Then a lull – relief that the sneeze has gone –  ACHOO! – a cacophony of repeated sneezing at the most in-opportune moment – grrrrrrr !!!!!

Anyway, enough of this – when your, your own boss – you just need to get on with it , with a little help from Lemsip.

Wishing you a sneeze free day with warm hugs x

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David and I would like to Thank You for your continued support.

2014 has been our busiest to date. Another very quick and incredible year.

We couldn’t have done it without you.

Thanks for visiting our web gallery, reading, commenting, telephoning, emailing, blogging, shopping, Facebook-ing and Tweeting to keep in touch.

All the Best for 2015 x

Elaine and David

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