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New homes for Christmas

Just a few of the things that have left Bay Attic to find new homes for Christmas. Perhaps you are one of them ! #Gifts #Art #bayattic

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Well-traveled Art

There has been a flurry of art out the Bay Attic doors lately, and I must admit I do find it quite exciting. Being a solely web-based company, it makes me realise how technology has made the word smaller. It’s fantastic to see our Scottish art going to the USA, Germany , France, and Australia. Lovely prints from Jolomo, Bridgland, and Philp to Central Scotland, and a Lochhead finding a new home across the river. Near or far, our artist work is appreciated on a global scale. I wonder how well-traveled our next piece of art will be ?

  Kate Philp | Jolomo | Peter McDermott | Matylda Konecka
Ken Lochhead | Judith I. Bridgland

Ecclesiastical Colour

My gaze was caught by the vibrant colours from the Cherry blossom trees outside the Cannongate Kirk, Edinburgh by Jolomo, and hence every other Jolomo I looked at this morning has a recurrent Church theme.


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