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Love is in the air

February. That means Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and I get to show you all the LOVE-ly gifts we have for just such an occasion – sweet ! I’ve gone a bit mad on the heart theme, but these goodies are just so pretty I couldn’t resist.

First up, Jewellery – a girls best friend x

Floral Hearts in Pink, Blue and Purple – Necklace & Earrings  – Just GORrrr-juss Darling ! (said in my best Strictly voice)

Next, Tell them how you feel – with a cute and cuddle-some card. Whether you’re a love bird, love dugs or love bears, there’s a card to say how much you care.

Give a gift – share your heart  – Happy Valentine’s Day x

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Tactile and Beautiful

I was given this beautiful book. I put it somewhere safe, hence I have now only re-discovered it ! Made by the very talented Annie – wife of artist John Bathgate, these hand-made books are available from Dun Studio on the Isle of Skye. I love the effects, the combination of fabric, paper and colour, the whole cover changes in the daylight. It’s got that Peacock iridescent shimmer effect. My next dilemma is how to fill the pages.

John Bathgate Art | John Bathgate Cards

The Fabric of our Lives

Textiles have been used since prehistoric times and are a valuable part of everyday life. Textiles keep us warm, protect us from the weather, keep us safe in our workplace and help us with many everyday tasks.

Textiles even add colour to your home, can be given as a beautiful gift, or used to accessorize ! Throws, T-towels, Blankets, Cushions,  Corsages to name but a few of the exciting textiles to jazz up your home with colour, drape or throw over your sofa to change it’s look, or have a cosy, warm blanket made from lambs wool, tweed, or a synthetic mix of fibers in your lounge décor or bedroom.

Throws and blankets made from wool, linen, cotton or mixed fibres are ideal to add colour, texture and personality to your room.

Damson Apron

Damson Apron

You can even add a dash of Scottish flair to your kitchenware with a textile, T-towel, or gift from Scott Inness featuring iconic Scottish thistles with a modern twist, and the chef can co-ordinate with a 100% cotton apron in the same fantastic design.

Textiles can also add to your dining table setting. Choose an Iconic Scottish themed table mat for your special dinner party or dry your favourite glasses to a brilliant shine with a Damson Daisy t-towel made from 100% Cotton by Scott Inness.

In days gone by, the need for warmth and protection meant clothes were the main reason for producing textiles. Clothes served a specific function, whereas today textiles can be worn not just for protection and warmth but as a statement. You only have to look at the World of Fashion to see how textiles influence designers and their creations.

Textiles have been used since prehistoric times and are a valuable part of everyday life. Textiles keep us warm, protect us from the weather, keep us safe in our workplace and help us with many everyday tasks. Today, they can be created and made on a commercial scale, or lovingly hand-made using traditional techniques as chosen by felt artist Moy Mackay or expertly picked, layered and stitched with detail as shown in the work of Alex McQuade. Her textile designs include applique brooches, corsage purses, key rings and a Scottie dog cushion I would use to guard my favourite chair !

Textiles can be made from plants such as Hemp, Sisal, Cotton or Flax and from the wool of goats and sheep or even from the fur of Angora rabbits. Synthetic textiles or man-made fibers, such as Polyester and Acrylic are used to make clothes. These man-made fibers can also blend with natural fibers to create textiles for clothes that will hold their colour and shape and dry quicker once washed. Poly cotton, or Polyester Cotton is an example. Textiles are used to make everything from bags, carpets and tents, to toys and parachutes and even fiberglass.

Cotton is still used today for bags. The popularity of the recycled and re-usable shopper has led many designers such as Scott Inness, to create Cotton bags featuring flowers, thistles, Highland coo’s, Scottie dogs and Christmas trees. With delicious titles including Blaeberry, Damson, Thistle and Rhubarb. The bags make ideal designer shoppers, beach bags or a “just in case” bag.

Moy MacKay - Heather's Glen - Front Image 1 - GCMM22

Heather’s Glen
Art Card

There are many methods to choose from to create textiles. Weaving, Knitting, Crochet and Felting are Traditional methods of producing textiles, but they can also be made from bonded fibers or laced threads to make delicate textiles such as lace, and knotted to make braiding.

At Bay Attic we have a colourful range of textiles for you to gift or buy as a treat for you or your home.

Pop over and take a look at our gallery online now or use the links below to find more.

Alex McQuade | Moy Mackay | Scott Inness

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